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Did you know that we now offer direct mail service?

Using us for your mailings can save you time and money.  In addition to low bulk postage rates, you save on shipping which can add days to your timeline and get pretty expensive!

Postcards: $150 for the first 1,000.  $35 for each additional 1,000.
Brochures: $170 for the first 1,000.  $55 for each additional 1,000.

*Processing includes the use of our indicia, addressing directly onto the cards, bar-coding, and pre-sorting.

4x6 postcard: An estimated $0.22 per card (first class)
5x7-6x11 postcards: An estimated $0.26 per card (standard) or $0.36 per card (first class)
Brochures: An estimated $0.26 per card (standard) or $0.36 per card (first class)

*We do not mark up postage, and therefore it must be paid by check. However, this is an estimate and the exact price is determined once we run your specific list or database through our system.

Mailing List
Sold separately.  If you would like to purchase a list from us, you can submit your parameters and we will generate a quote.

Additional Services Included
Dedup: Removes duplicates from provided list.
NCOA: National change of address verification.
CASS: The CASS system improves the accuracy of carrier route, five-digit ZIP®, ZIP + 4®. DPV: Delivery point validation, verifies that the address exists.

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